The PITG has built trust as a collaborative group with a shared mission, where we know we can share information without it being posted publicly or taken out of context. This level of trust is key to PITG’s functioning. We expect PITG members to respect the following guidance:

  • Members should not generally share communications outside of PITG.

  • If you would like to share a mailing list contribution outside of the group, please seek consent or authorization from the person who made the contribution.

  • Similarly, do not identify persons making those contributions without their consent either. This includes for research purposes, i.e. you can use it to inform your research, but not to quote from directly or to attribute broad quotes to (i.e. X persons from Y NGO-sector said this or that on such-and-such technical topic).

  • We would also like to ask you to subscribe to the list with a personal email (whether professional or otherwise) but not with an or a contact@org email, so that only you have access to messages on the list.